Prepaid calling cards can help you in making Cheap international calls.

Prepaid calling cards are still in use. It is not a matter of surprise. Many phone service providers are still marketing these cards as they are still popular among the masses. These cards can be put to use when your service plans are not able to meet your needs.

There are many uses for prepaid calling cards. Some people use it for making Cheap international calls. It is better for people who have friends and relatives working or studying in other countries or for someone who plans travel to foreign countries on short vacation or for some business purposes. If you have touch-tone phone, then you can use your card very easily. Another benefit is that you need not go for a long term plan, if you need international calls only for a short duration you can go for a cheap calling card which can be used for a short term and thrown away after the use. When you need it again you can buy another similar card use it for your purpose and discard it.

Difference between a billable card and a prepaid card

In prepaid cards you are buying some minutes for a fixed amount for telephone services. So when a person calls using this card his ability to call is limited to the amount empowered in the card. But in a billable card, your bill is prepared based on the duration and nature of the call you are making. The benefit of a prepaid card is that one can buy such a card without giving any evidences regarding his ability to pay the call charges, he needs to show only his address proof. This address proof is necessary to locate the owner if a card is some mischief is committed by the user of the card. Prepaid cards have the benefit that they can be recharged easily depending upon the requirement of the user.

Be smart and find out the most suitable card for your needs

Knowing your need is the most important thing which you have to do before thinking of purchasing a new calling card. Whether you are going to be a onetime caller, habitual caller or a regular caller who needs several minutes for several occasions. Once you know your need, you can think and decide what type of card will be most suitable for you. For a casual caller, a throw away type prepaid card which is very cheap is the most suitable one. If you are a habitual caller then there are options. You can go for a prepaid card or billable card depending upon the nature and the duration of the call you are going to make. Similarly if you are a financially strong person and want make Cheap international calls, then a billable card will be matching to you. The following points may be kept in mind while selecting Cheap international calling cards.

Don’t purchase the card considering its lower price tag alone. Lower per minute rate alone shall not be the deciding factor. There are some other fees like maintenance charges, activation charges, special charges etc which have to be taken into account while deciding which card to buy.

Watch the expiry date of the card. Also understand how the validity of the card will be affected if a recharge coupon is purchased for the card.

Check whether the toll free number is available for customer service. Also check if there is any difference in calling toll free number or local access number. Will these calls reflect in the balance available call charges?

Are they charging additional fees like maintenance charges, activation charges etc. This is a very important matter. Sometimes the you may be able to buy a new calling card for a cheaper rare say 3 cents per minute. Finding this attractive price tag if you buy that card without understanding whether other hidden charges like maintenance charges, activation charges, service charges etc will be levied with the per minute rate you may be in difficulty. You rate of 3 cents per minute may in effect become 5 cents per minute when these charges are also added. So be careful and buy the Cheap international calling card very carefully.