Digital Audio Transcription Services: FAQ

Digital audio transcription is the art of changing the audio recordings and video recordings in the form of written records. Executives of the company, interviewer, professionals in the medical field as well as the law will feel the importance of digital audio transcription. This is due, for recording audio / video has become very common in every professional in every activity of their archive. Tight schedule on any profession only a little time to use the conventional method in the archive activity, this makes the audio transcription services become very important in business activities.

Transcription services are very helpful in the medical and legal activities in expanding activities and improve efficiency. Importance of transcription services is felt in the health service and the legal profession is to set up and monitor the test results and medical reports and in setting up transcription and document evidence of law in carrying out their professional activities. Transcription is also very useful for writers and journalists. They do not have to sit in front of the typewriter or computer to write their manuscripts. They can record and provide transcription services to be made to the manuscript. The result will be faster, more accurate and less expensive. Transcription services have an important role in almost all business activities, such as health care companies, law firms, financial companies, academic institutions, students, writers, musicians, preachers to media professionals. Important meeting, interview process, medical reports, legal transcripts and academic records are the kinds of activities that can be made in the form of digital audio transcription.

There is an option package that we provide, namely

Normal package Rp 4.000, – per minute,

Silver Package Rp 6.000, – per minute,

Gold Package Rp 8.000, – per minute and

Platinum Package Rp 10,000, – per minute

How fast can you write?

We can transcribe your audio in 24 hours (Rp 10,000, -) or within 3 days (Rp 8.000, -) Can you track our order service?

Orders that you send can be accessed directly and quickly because we have an online customer portal

What timestamp?

Timestamp, or time code breakpoint is a record that is inserted at the beginning of each speaker changes and paragraph breaks if cost timestamps?

Timestamps are charged USD 500, – per verbatim means?

Verbatim means ‘to show the results of an exact copy’

for example if the audio contains a conversation, we will write a word with all ummms, ahhhs or awkward jedaApakah hmmm and you write down word for word?

Our standard is appropriate to write so that readers can more easily understand transcription.

This means we will take ummms, ahhhs, hmm, etc. Does this mean you will change the content?


because the content will always change besides ummms, ahhhs, false starts and mistakes definitely confirmed as recognition by speaker

Is there an extra charge to write down word for word?

There is, USD 500, – per menitApa default spelling?

Our standard is to spell transcripts in Indonesia, but we also can write using Enhanced Spelling (no extra charge) Could you tell us more about the online portal?

An overview of our online portal that allows customers to view the status of their orders in real-time. When uploading and pay for the order, you will see your status ‘Received’. Then, after we were doing your job or occupation for transcribers, then it will change to ‘In Progress’. This continues until you receive an email saying you have been in the transcription-upload.

The command is the selection of one or more files that you have linked or uploaded to our website, which will be poured within 24 hours or 4 days, depending on the time of completion that you pilih.Apa forms of activity (work)?

Each audio file that you enter will be transcribed and the order may consist of one or more jobs.

Every job indicates a separate transcript was produced. You can upload as many files as you want from a job, but keep in mind that it will be formatted in the form of a document. Upload to the audio file that will be classified as part of a continuous transcript and make unity pekerjaan.Dapatkah every job has its own turnaround time?

Of course ,, every job has a completion time.

Sometimes simpler when storing certain files simultaneously, eg five files that have a few minutes of the same type and meetings can be classified as work in one order, while other files from different departments or possibly of the business can be part of another order. Just contact us if you require clarification.

If audio files contain content of a technical nature, it may be helpful to access with us on some links related to topics that are relevant, for example, if the file audio interviews legal, you may choose to access us with a link to an article on constitutional law in order to help us with digital audio transcription You. With a hope to provide all the technical terms and their definitions. More info to access, the more accurately we can transcribe your audio and you can also describe the speaker at the time.

Our Platinum Service is Rp 10,000, -per minute audio with 24-hour turnaround,

Our Gold Service is Rp 8.000, – per minute of audio with 3-day turnaround,

Our Silver service is Rp 6.000, – per minute of audio with 5-day turnaround,

Our Normal service is Rp 4.000, – per minute of audio with a turnover of 7 hours

If the audio is really difficult? Are you going to be late?

Basically, nothing. It would be very rare for us to be late. It will be a challenge for us to do better and work professionally.

Theoretically, if you place an order so long of an audio file (eight hours or more) were really loud, or you have selected a 24-hour turnaround. It could be a little late in the process. In the above example, we will put a mark on your transcript, and if we are going to be late, we will notify you as humanly.

When will you tell me if the order will be too late?

If your audio is considered very hard, one of us will contact you within half an hour you submit the order. We will not give anything less than his ability, so if it was really loud, we’ll notify you as soon as possible that it just can not be done within 3 days and your money can be refunded or we can start your digital audio transcription.

We prefer MP3, M4A, and WAV. However, we can also transcribe audio files such as AAC, AC3, FLAC, RA, RAM, WMA and you can create a link to the actual file online, such as Dropbox. If you have any other file types, please contact us. We sure hope to do!

Can I upload a link?

Yes, if you have such a file online through Dropbox.

Our system automatically only for a fee minutes. What if I have an audio minutes and seconds?

Note down your audio round and round on that if up to 29 seconds to spin down and 30 seconds to lap up, even though our system will do this automatically anyway! What if my audio is 6 minutes and 30 seconds?

Round up to 7 minutes (automatically)

What if my audio is 25 minutes and 29 seconds?

Round of 25 minutes. Our system does not automatically anyway, so you do not have to worry! What if my audio is 3 minutes and 12 seconds?

We will only do your transcript for 3 minutes. Whatever the rounds down to 29 seconds and 30 seconds a lap top. If you put the ‘3:12’ in our system, then it will make a ‘3’ to Anda.Bagaimana if my audio is 3 hours, 49 minutes and 20 seconds?

Please write with audio for 229 minutes.

3 hours x 60 = 180 minutes.

180 minutes + 49 minutes = 229 minutes.

So, 20 seconds lap down automatically directly to 229 menitSiapa would write my material?

Our quality will raise their hand (professional transcribers) consisting of several orphans in Makassar and the surrounding area.

They come from a different character but energetically to berkarya.Bagaimana choose your transcribers?

Not like other transcription businesses that outsource their work to freelancers, but we invite orphans to learn together with our team and work to embrace the future that cerah.Apakah guarantee you 98%?

Yes, we guarantee 98% means that all the audio will be faithfully transcribed with 98% accuracy. If the results of the final product that you received is not until the beginning, we will correct it at our expense.

How loud audio?

If your audio is categorized as an audio hardware by our transcriber, we can not guarantee the accuracy of 98%, simply because less than 98% of the audio may be able to be heard. However, we will be careful to listen to audio that is harder to get a level of accuracy that can reach target.Bagaimana way you delete a file?

14 days after transcription files are uploaded, our system will automatically delete all the audio files and record audio. This is one for privacy and kerahasiaan.Mengapa reason you need to login or create an account?

Because we need you to create an account or log in during the booking process so that we can ensure the privacy and security when dealing with you in your old transkripsi.Berapa transcription save me for?

When you upload transcripts, we’ll keep it within 365 days as a backup for your convenience. However, any time you can ask us to remove them, and we will soon melakukannya.Apakah your service secure?

Our transcription services are 100% confidential. We will never release details of your transcription to anyone but yourself. We will deal with medical and legal transcription, as well as the content of private meetings and conferences, so you can be sure with us to treat your privacy enough serius.Apakah files are stored safely?


Eway as a provider of secure payment we will make the details as a third party. Even if you choose to store your credit card details to ease then you have to constantly re-enter your CVV or security number.

How long do I have to ask for a revision or a refund?

Once your file is uploaded, a 14 day review period in which you can contact us about any errors or inconsistencies in your transcript. After this period, the audio files and record your audio will automatically be deleted permanently. Apa happens if there is a problem with my transcript?

If you have a problem with your transcription, please contact us within 14 days of the file being uploaded. Then we’ll fill in the relevant work or employment as a ‘Issues Found’ and improve cost transcripts to your satisfaction. We are very happy if our customers were really happy and satisfied with the digital audio transcription.