Pros And Cons Of Being An Electrician


  • Pay potential is excellent: Electricians are generally paid well in the profession. Their pay potential is good. Independent electricians fetch lucrative contracts as well.


  • Always in demand and growth opportunities: Electricians always remain high in demand. Need for wiring and other technical repairs never run out.


  • Is a technical job not everyone’s cup of tea: It requires technical expertise and experience to excel in the profession.


  • Importance in the community: Electricians are considered one of the most important figures in infrastructural development. They have a significant contribution to government works. Running and maintenance of electrical lamps, lighting, switch systems, automated electricals etc are all ensured by electrician Sydney .


  • Autonomy of profession: A self-employed electrician is his own boss. He does not have to look up to a master for command.


  • No formal procedures: You do not have to comply with formal procedures or any type of protocol. There is no code of conduct to follow and electricians work without any sort of uniform on.


  • Massive industry: There are a lot of options to go for. The market is wide for an electrician. You can be a house basher you can work for the supply industry, and you can work in the mines as well. The type of work changes dramatically.



  • Low wage rate: Electricians earn well in metropolitans and large city such as Sydney, Melbourne etc. In other small cities, the rate is drastically low. You seldom afford luxury when you are a beginner in this profession.


  • Hazardous and risk of life:Commercial electrician sydney have to work around wires and electrical components. There is a huge risk of shocks and electrocution. These may lead to severe injuries and sometimes death.


  • Stressful and liability: The job involves dealing with electrical components. Wiring is also an electrician’s job. He has to ensure all preventive measures have been taken to avoid future hazards such as shocks to customers. This may lead to uninvited legal repercussions.