The Iraqi Dinar and Vietnam Dong

The FOREX market, otherwise known as the foreign exchange market, lies in the intangible world of ones and zeros that flow over the internet between thousands of computers 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. There's not any physical place in this marketplace like the New York Stock Exchange.  If you are looking for buy Vietnamese dong from a trusted source  you can hire a professional dealer.

 The Iraqi Dinar and Vietnam Dong

 This is the worldwide market of money exchange where fluctuations in one-hundredth of the penny can equate to thousands of dollars for many investors. It's the wild west of investing.

Until last decade that this market has remained in the hands of central banks, international companies, large commercial banks & corporations, hedge funds, and the weakest of people. Only recently has the net allowed it be available to the ordinary person and with it, the ability to double or triple wipe out your accounts in a few minutes.

How is this possible? Unlike conventional margin accounts, using a stockbroker for example, where you will get 2:1 leverage, FOREX brokers have balances available with 100:1, 200:1, even 400:1 leverage.

However, some people are not using leverage in their desire to make enormous gains in the foreign exchange market. 

A simple shoebox under the bed will suffice as well as the money in their bank account. These special individuals are purchasing up hundreds-of-thousands, even countless money weak against the dollar and just sitting on it.

With the current exchange rate of 1235:1 individuals do not need money leverage to get a return on this money. It is up 18% since November of 2006 and over 125% since its release into circulation regardless of the chaos in the war-torn nation.