4 Creative Alternative Uses for Business Cards

Business cards are the main system to spread the word about your business. They're inexpensive to print in massive quantities and every card is light in weight and easy to keep in a credit-card sized pocket partition. Handing them out at conventions and trade shows is a valuable marketing action. Discover about the business card at https://www.puremetalcards.com/.

4 Creative Alternative Uses for Business Cards

The next company card alternative uses should provide your ideas for non-standard advertising.

Product Hangtags

Adapting a card for use as a product hang tag is the very good alternative idea. Be certain the product isn't too large. A customized hang tag from a printing business is a better choice for larger products.

The appointment card

For service-based companies, you might want to try using one side of this card to get contact info and the other hand for appointments. Fields such as date, time, and "notes" can make it clear what feature is being supplied.

Jot down notes

Lots of men and women use business cards with sufficient white (blank) space on them to write down notes which become simple to refer to by the comfort of a pocket or handbag. If you wish to design a business card that's easy to write on, be sure to have at least one aspect of this card booked for a non-UV matte finish.


A folded card can stand up on a desk or shelf, allowing for a decorative usage together with the marketing one. Typically, the company card printing business can print on all four sides of a folded card, providing you with additional design choices if you would like.