Doba and Salehoo Compared

Doba and Salehoo are both resources for new online stores (this Salehoo review explains the latter in more detail) and they both appeal to the same sort of buyer, but how do they compare and which is better?

Doba – A Service

Doba is a drop shipping service with more than two million products that are ready to be bought and delivered to your customers (as long as they are in the USA).

Doba membership costs between $20 and $250 a month and from the members area you can buy products, download inventory lists and track the shipment of goods to your customers.

Salehoo – A Directory

Salehoo is different – they do not supply products directly, but list wholesalers and drop shippers that you will need to contact individually.

There are benefits to this – first of all membership to Salehoo is cheaper at $67 per year, but also you can also buy in bulk with Salehoo and negotiate down prices as you are in direct contact with your suppliers.

Doba only ships to addresses in the United States, while Salehoo is truly international – with suppliers from the USA, UK, Europe, Australia and China.


Both are good at what they do, but Doba is quite limited in the type of suppliers it lists and where they will ship to.  If you have an international business then Salehoo will probably be the best option for you.