Data Recovery Drives not showing up

2 x 5tb external HD dropped while in use. (Primary + Backup) and are now not showing up (see Approx 3TB of video files inside (an entire feature film that we just finished shooting) Checked in clean room by data recovery service in Thailand, who say that Primary has light scratching on 2nd & 3rd disc. Think they can only recover about 20% and suggest UK/Europe for better technology and recovery rate. Backup has sever damage and they cant do anything. Other than isolating non damaged plates, do you have any way of working with scratches and restoring?

WD Elements external hard drive makes clicking sounds and can’t be accessed. I’ve tried using a different cable and different ports on my laptop but get the same result. Can you give me a rough idea how much recovering the data would be?

Additional NTFS storage drive that started crashing when explored. Having had the drive in an external caddy, drive loads and we were able to retrieve most information but then access got worse. I have a SSD that has stopped being registered by the laptop. I have removed the drive and tried to connect it to another computer – firstly via USB, then mounted internally. Neither registered anything as being connected.

I’ve bent and cracked my 64GB micro SD card as I was about to back it up !
Its full of 1080p GoPro footage that I would really like to get back.
Its still in one piece but has a crack horizontally across the front and one across the bottom left hand corner
I’ve tried to read it but with no luck.

Is it possible to recover data from SSD? If so, what are the usual costs? My MacBook air recently got water damaged. I did send it for repairs and they have told me that it is to be replaced by the insurance company. They offered to remover the data but frankly I was really dissapointed with their service so would just rather deal with it on my own! It’s a 128gd SSD which they are sending back to me, would you be able to have a go at recovering the data? And if so, how much would this cost? 3tb Seagate 9sean3-500 Head failure st3000dm001 pn: 9yn166-570 fw: cc9e head map : 0,1,2,3,4,5 I have an old external HD from which I recently tried to extract some photographs only to find out that the USB port has broken. Is it possible to access the data on this HD and perhaps transfer it to a new one?