Digital Transcription: A Field with Flexible Options

It is no wonder that whenever opportunities come along which can improve my personal and professional life as well as provide a good future to my children, I never let them pass unnoticed. One such opportunity is being a Digital Transcriptionist, a new profession in the medical field which I consider as a blessing in disguise to many who seek for a much improved life down the road. More than being a true blessing that would address my current financial challenges, I look at the profession with great pride and honor. To be a digital transcriptionist is to play a big crucial role in the healthcare and medical industry. More importantly, to serve as a digital transcriptionist is to ultimately perform a very noble and humanitarian service to those who most need the service, the suffering patients.

This is who I am…this is what my persona wants…and this is what can add value and meaning to my life’s purpose here on earth. My growing up years could attest to my personal quality of “being of service” to other people in however way I can. This quality could have ignited my desire then to get into the nursing profession. After 18 years of being a Registered Nurse, I can readily admit to anyone…more significantly, to myself… that I have been true and loyal to my profession and that I have somehow touched the lives of many patients, a number of whom became personal and family friends along the way. Not only did I deliver my primary role of serving the sick, I also spent almost a decade helping medical professionals, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies fill in their supply requirements as a Medical Representative, a tough but exciting job to accomplish, I should say. My long stint here tremendously increased my skills and knowledge not just in medical terminologies, but more importantly, in determining a wide range of medical cases and correspondingly, what best treatments should be given and what appropriate medicines should be prescribed. Said personal and work experiences that I carry with me now extremely reinforced my great hope and desire to pursue a career in the digital transcription service industry.

With my 5 children all in school, any responsible mother would readily agree with me that aside from my love and care for them, they also need my time and guidance which could only mean more of my time with them. This can only happen if digital transcription jobs will just require me to stay home and I am indeed thankful that such flexibility is one of the advantages offered by the digital transcription field. Immediately, I can already attend to my kids’ needs and, at the same time, run my other home-based small wellness business too, my only source of income now in fact. My long standing dream of achieving time and financial freedom can be realized now with the work process and system offered by this booming industry. One of the most striking characteristics Future MT offers is its ability to pave the way to the potential candidates to pursue their professional dream of becoming a Digital Transcriptionist at the easiest process possible and having the human potential and humanitarian service always in mind. Reading the testimonials shared by Future MT’s students in its website only makes me more excited and eager to commence my career as a digital transcriptionist the soonest time possible, trained as a proud scholar by no less than the authority, Future MT. Looking forward, having with my expertise provided by Future MT, I can then proceed to my long-term goal of setting up and running a digital transcription service company where I can serve not only the medical professionals and the patients in need, but with added value, I can already provide digital transcriptionist jobs as well to medical and non-medical professionals alike who, just like me, would want to provide their families a comfortable life and serve the people, in general.