Types Of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

Different types of machines are used on construction sites but one of the most essential machinery is mobile elevated work platforms. These machines enable workers to reach upto elevated buildings and help extend the structure of buildings.

Courtesy: mentortrainingsolutions

Some types of mobile elevating work platforms are:

1. Push around vertical (PAV)

This type of elevated work platforms is relatively smaller in size and areespecially designed for smaller spaces. The good thing is that they are light in weight so can easily be used in factories, warehouses and barns. Moreover, they can easily be transferred from one place to another.

2. Mast Lift

It is similar to a cherry picker but smaller in size and comes with a basket or a carrier. Similar to a push-around vertical lift, it is a compact machine which can easily be used in busy environments and small spaces. It also comes with guardrails to keep the workers safe.

3. Scissor Lift

This type of elevated platforms can be used for outdoor and indoor spaces to access multi-story buildings. Different types of scissor lifts are available in the market; some of them are operated manually while others have a hydraulic system. Now, most constructors use lifts with the hydraulic system as they are safer to use. They can also be used for reaching a height instead of using traditional ladders. Moreover, you can easily store it in an office, shed, or warehouse.

Cherry truck mount, cherry picker or stick boom lifts are also frequently used for construction projects.