The Right Diamond Engagement Ring for You

Thus you're all set to sweep off your girlfriend into a romantic place, get down to one knee and ask her to devote the remainder of your lives together? You've got it all planned out – that the love ballad that will play through the candlelight dinner, the sweet walk down the shore or the fairytale carriage journey. Yang’s Jeweler Store Cambridge Ontario  has a wide collection of vintage jewelry for you. 

The Right Diamond Engagement Ring for You

You even have the true proposition mapped out and rehearsed over and over again. The 1 thing you do not need is the main thing – which diamond engagement ring.

You will find 4C's when it comes to buying the ideal diamond ring for both you and your fiance. All these C's are – cut, karat, clarity, and color. The perfect blend of the four may provide you with a high-budget appearance, even in the event that you don't possess an authentic high budget.

The cut is really the most important of the four. It's what impacts the attractiveness (that glow and glow you need) and price (as well as that the durability) of a diamond engagement ring over any of another 4C's. Know that diamond form and the diamond cut isn’t exactly the exact same thing – be alert to the difference before heading out to search for that ring.

But there is more to picking out the ideal diamond compared to only the 4C's. In addition, you will need to take into account the setting you intend to set the diamond in. Most engagement rings have the prong or claw setting.